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--New airline to connect smaller cities. SkyBus will soon fly between dozens of cities (such as Columbus, Nassau, and Kansas City) currently underserved by major airlines. The official announcement is due in a few days, says Online Travel Review. This Just In will keep you posted. For news on ExpressJet, a similar airline that started flying between small cities this month, click here. has started a database of reader reviews. Learn more by clicking here. While you're searching, note that you can find a hotel database targeted at budget-conscious travelers and vetted by Budget Travel's writers and editors by clicking here.

--We knew her before she was a star. Clotilde Dusoulier, the Paris-based food blogger at Chocolate & Zucchini, was recognized for the high quality of her first cookbook in Sunday's New York Times. You'll find her top picks for Parisian restaurants and bakeries in the Budget Travel story, "My Paris Is Better Than Yours." And mark your calendars for June 5, when Mademoiselle Dusoulier will take your questions about Paris in a live chat at

--Attention all hikers and campers. The Feds have launched a website,, that puts all of their information about National Parks, wilderness areas, lakes, and other protected areas in one place. (Via the AP wire.)

--The no-fly watch list strikes again. A Washington Post columnist was recently caught by the long arm of U.S. passport control. Read his story here, and This Just In's recent story here.

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