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London fare war on the horizon. "By the end of June, there are expected to be 35 daily nonstop flights between London and New York, offering more than 10,000 seats every day, one-way--accounting for about half of all flights between Europe and New York," says the International Herald-Tribune in this report. By my back-of-the-envelope calculation, that's a jump of roughly 11% from last year.

I'm going to bet that the airlines struggle to fill all of those seats. Americans are leery of visiting Britain because it's so expensive right now. As you know, the buying power of the U.S. dollar against the pound is at a record low. Expect to see fare sales to London in June, as airlines rush to lure travelers to Britain with offers of discounted seats. Rather than cut back on flights, Delta, Virgin, Air India, American, British Airways, United, and Zoom will likely enter a price war because they can afford to do so. The profit margins on this route are sufficiently high that they can trim fares without being hurt too much--unless oil prices spike.

Lonely Planet has issued a new edition of their venerable South America on a Shoestring guidebook. This guidebook remains the preeminent favorite of backpackers, as travel writer Tim Leffel points out in this blog post. Learn more about the guidebook and where to buy it by clicking here.

Correction: In this blog post on Friday, I said that Longwood Gardens is in Delaware. Actually, it is five miles across the border in Pennsylvania. I regret the error.

Poll: Should you lower the window shades during a daytime flight?....

The blog Upgrade Travel Better asks readers that question in a poll with the following possible answers:

* Yes, of course! It's daytime, so it's natural to want some sunlight.

* No way! It's inconsiderate! It annoys those who want to sleep or watch a movie.

* Depends on what's outside... Grand Canyon? Yes. Ocean? No.

* Only if you're genuinely claustrophobic.

To vote, click here.

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