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Possible change to passport rules. This summer, the Feds may allow travelers to present a State Department receipt showing their passport application is being processed, instead of a passport, when crossing borders. The move is an effort to address the three-month backlog in issuing passports, which has upset the travel plans of many Americans. Since January, U.S. citizens have been required to use passports when re-entering the country from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean by air. [The AP, via Guardian Unlimited]

Volunteer Deals Groups of 10 or more get a discount if they book lodging and airfare for a volunteer vacation through Learn about all of the website's new volunteer vacation packages by clicking here.

India flightJet Airways plans to bring service to the U.S. in August, with a daily flight between Newark and Mumbai (via Brussels).

AirTran Fees The airline is charging $5-$15 for some aisle and exit-row seats.

Big Apple Deals CityPass has added the Met museum to its New York pass and the Hockey Hall of Fame to its Toronto pass.

New nonstop routes ExpressJet announced new nonstops connecting smaller airports, including San Antonio to Tulsa, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and Tucson; and Jacksonville, Fla., to Kansas City, New Orleans, and Austin.

Teen programs After consulting teenagers, Royal Caribbean is rolling out new features for them like Nintendo's Wii, teen-only dining, and an ice-breaker jam session with musical instruments.

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