Top 10 reasons we love France

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Lavender fields in Provence.

Happy Bastille Day! Or as the French say, Bonne La Fête Nationale! It's the French equivalent of the Fourth of July, with parades and parties to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of modern France.

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We, too, would like to celebrate the red, white, and blue of a different flag, so we present our Top 10 reasons we love France:

1. Crepes at every corner in Paris

2. It gave the world Nutella

3. The music of Edith Piaf

4. Wine is appropriate with every meal

5. The word boulangerie (it means bread shop)

6. The smell boulangeries emit, which permeates every street corner in the morning

7. It inspired Woody Allen's whimsical Midnight in Paris

8. Lavender fields in July

9. Rosé from the Côte du Rhône region

10. The French kiss

What do you love about France?


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