Top 5 Tips for Female Travelers

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At the end of her new novel, Jessica Morrison offers mostly serious advice for anyone who may want to follow in her main character's footsteps and travel overseas.

1. Do not assume people in foreign countries don't understand English. They will assume you are an idiot, and by shouting things like "Internet? Internet?" you only confirm their suspicion.

2. Do assume people in foreign countries will instantly dislike you for being a loud, brash American who shouts things like "Internet? Internet?" You can either prove them wrong or pretend you are from Uzbekistan or Canada or some other fake-sounding place.

3. Accept that you will forget your toothbrush, run out of tampons, and break the strap on your only pair of leather sandals; be grateful that these will likely be your worst catastrophes; and take a credit card with lots of room on it.

4. Say yes to the chicken bus. Say no to the street meat. A stay in the local hospital is not the adventure your travel agent was talking about.

5. There will be nights when you find yourself hungry or lonely or both. Keep a bar of very good chocolate on hand for just such emergencies.

Reprinted by arrangement with Warner Books, Inc, New York, NY, from The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club by Jessica Morrison. Copyright (c) 2007 by Jessica Morrison.

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