VIDEO: Top Tips for Hitting the Road This Summer

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Author Darley Newman (center) enjoys roasting s'mores on a recent multigenerational camping trip. Watch Darley's brand-new videos to get inspired for your own RV escape.

Hitting the open road and escaping to America's peerless parkland, miles of beaches, and beautiful campsites is the kind of trip that builds a lifetime of memories. Here, four brand-new videos that will inspire every traveler in your group, from the youngest to the oldest, to enjoy a hit-the-road getaway. PLUS: Six timely tips for getting the most out of your multigenerational adventure.

Pack Smart to Stay Organized

Being used to city apartments, our family group knows a bit about smaller spaces, but thinking hard about what is and isn't necessary to pack for your trip is key. We suggest bringing a small box or Tupperware container for each traveler. This will help keep everyone's things well organized. It's a time and space saver.

Bring Games for the Kids (and Adults)

When the weather takes a turn for the worse or you need a break from the sun, having games on hand for kids and adults, can be a lifesaver. Games can also be a fun way to take a break right at your campsite. Whether it's as simple a blowing bubbles or as complex as a puzzle, being prepared with a few options will save you from scrambling in a pinch.

Consider National & State Park Campgrounds

Today's campgrounds can be as diverse as destination resorts or more simple places of seclusion. To get the best of both worlds, consider checking out national and state park campgrounds, where wildlife viewing, beaches, nature preserves and campfires can be right out of your front door, providing a little bit of everything for the varied interests of your group.

Try Something New

A great way to make memories is to try something new together. Whether it's kayaking or biking a new trail, challenging yourself and each other can create lifelong memories.


With modern technology ever-present in our lives, it can be really nice and healthy to disconnect. Taking a break from video games and wifi, you and your kids may end up talking more or just enjoy a sunset in the great outdoors.

Bring Friends & Family Together

Traveling with multiple generations and bringing people together from different locations to spend time with each other is a special experience! Set your schedule and invite friends and family to join you for a few days or your whole trip. You might be surprised who takes you up on the offer.

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