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Transatlantic flights for $13 (each way, plus taxes) may arrive in 3 years*

By Sean O'Neill
updated February 21, 2017

Irish-owned budget airline Ryanair will launch flights to the U.S. starting at about $13 plus taxes. Service may start within the next couple of months, says the BBC.

UPDATE Nov. 4. 11:30 a.m. The BBC and other news outlets got the story wrong when they predicted that Ryanair would create a transatlantic airline so soon. The company's CEO later said it is unlikely to happen until another 3 years from now. Sigh. *Headline of this blog post has been changed and republished.

The flights will probably connect London's Stansted Airport and Dublin's main airport to New York City, Orlando, L.A, San Francisco, and Boston.

Ryanair's plan is to launch a price war with major airlines like British Airways. Connecting service would feed American passengers into 800 routes in 26 countries.

The announcement was predicted a bit over a year ago by my colleague Brad Tuttle.

I flew Ryanair this past summer and was amused by the extent to which it is a cut-rate airline. They've even removed the seatback pockets, giving flight crews one less thing to clean. This means that they've had to print the emergency instructions on the seatbacks because there's no place to put the cards.

The airline is also notorious for fees, though we've noted strategies for avoiding those fees.


It's a low fare world

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