Travel news roundup

Courtesy Indy Kethdy/Flickr
Detail of Calatrava addition, Milwaukee Art Museum

A few travel stories that caught my eye this past week:

Legitimate cheap Broadway tickets from $20 for fall NewYorkology looks at cheap tickets (we gave some of our own buying strategies last year).

36 hours in Milwaukee After the obligatory Laverne & Shirley mention, things pick up. [NYT]

The Big 10 for tourists What to see in these college towns besides football games. [Chicago Tribune]

A requiem: Tourism swamps Asia's unique, remote places "For many tourists, coming to Luang Prabang [in Laos] is like going on safari. But our monks are not monkeys or buffaloes." [AP]

Virgin Galactic says thanks, but no thanks, to space porn movie offer The producers supposedly offered a million dollars to film a 62-mile-high movie (normal fare for the partially weightless flight will be $200,000). [Gadling]

America's Most Reliable Airlines Crunching the numbers for on-time arrivals and other key metrics for the past five years. [Forbes]

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