Travel news roundup

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Great travel ideas from other travelers can be found at a new website, Here or There. Travelers post their most amazing travel experiences, and other readers rate how cool they think these trips are. Like Flickr or YouTube, this site uses a clever algorithm to calculate which stories, photos, and videos are the most popular, counting the number of times each tale is viewed, noting how well it is rated by other travelers, etc. Recent trip ideas include auditioning for a reality TV show called Shipwrecked, riding a Maglev train in Shangahi, visiting Salvador Dali's house, or checking out the Druids of Nebraska. Unfortunately, Here or There is still new, so it still lacks a critical mass of stories. In other words, it'll take a lot more users to submit stories before it becomes as engrossing as Flickr and YouTube.

The best website for finding and booking an inter-city bus is GotoBus, run by the online company IvyMedia. The site sells tickets for several bus companies that are alternatives to the industry's gorilla, Greyhound. While you should also compare prices at Greyhound's website before you book, GotoBus's rates are hard to beat. And the bus lines are just as good as Greyhound.

Awful cruises: Have you recently been on a cruise where something went really wrong? Then consider complaining to the cruise company by following this advice. Then check out Budget Travel's advice on How to Complain When Things Go Wrong that applies to all travel situations.

Great travel writing: If you're looking for some laughs, consider reading what is one of the funniest stories ever to be published at World Hum: The Joy of Steam. This story will make you laugh out loud as you follow the conversation between two guys nervously entering a scary Turkish bath and stripping down. Along the way, the writer painlessly passes along some historical insights, such as the fact that Turkish baths were/are actually Roman baths, updated and adapted by Ottoman culture. (The story was included in last year's edition of Best American Travel Writing.)

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