Travel news stories you may have missed

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Here's a selective round-up.

New TSA rule: Fliers must provide full name and birth date, starting in 2009 [World Hum]

The TSA is expandingpaperless boarding nationwide, says USA Today. This Just In reported previously about tests at selected airports this year. Starting by early next year with major airlines like Delta, you can register your cell phone number with your airline to receive a text message with a boarding pass bar code. You may then hold the screen of your cell phone under the airport security scanner, rather than show a paper record.

Visa cardholders can now look up ATM locations in more than 170 countries via a mobile device by surfing to Search by city, address, or landmark (like an airport). Hours of operation are listed and maps are usually provided.

Good news for families who want to teach their young kids how to ski. Pennsylvania has become the first state to let kids ski for free on its slopes, even if the kids aren't state residents. Fourth and fifth graders ski for free at 22 of the state's resorts. Learn more at Utah has a similar offer, but there's a $15 processing fee and you have to be an in-state resident. Find out about other state skiing freebies at OnTheSnow.

Archaeologists have discovered in Rome a well-preserved, underground city-of-the-dead, reports CNN. It dates from the so-called Dark Ages. When it opens to visitors, we'll let you know.

"Gate lice" is the new preferred term for travelers who clog up airport gates by standing or sitting toward the front of a line more than 15 minutes prior to the first boarding call. Do "gate lice" annoy you? Sound off on the WSJ's Middle Seat Terminal blog or below.

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