Travel organizing website TripIt gets LinkedIn


It looks like we're not the only fans of, a networking site for professionals, has just launched a partnership with the free online travel organizer. As of this morning, LinkedIn members will be able to add a TripIt application to their profiles; anytime they want to share information about a trip they're taking, they can just add the info to the TripIt app.

The advantage? Assuming a good chunk of your LinkedIn network adds the TripIt application, too, you'll be in tune with where and when everyone you're connected to is traveling. That way if you're planning a trip to, say, San Francisco, and you find that a few of your LinkedIn connections will be there at the same time, you can arrange to meet. Both TripIt and LinkedIn appeal to business professionals, so the companies see this primarily as a way to stay connected within your professional peers. But we think the application is just as valuable for leisure travel. Sure, your LinkedIn network might consist of people within your field, but chances are, a lot of those people are also your friends.

As has always been the case with TripIt, when you upload a trip, you can choose whether or not to make it available to the public. In other words, if you don't want your colleagues knowing about your trip to Vegas this weekend, you can choose to keep that one under wraps.


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