Renting a Vacation House with the Kids

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Last week we took our first real family vacation (i.e. going away with our 15-month-old son somewhere besides a relative or friend's house). We decided to rent a house for a week in the Catskills and enjoy some fall fun. Which was easier said than done.

My husband and I had very different feelings on what type of house we should rent. I was intrigued by 1800s farmhouses with overstuffed couches and country kitchens. But his number one pick was an ultra-modern house with Scandinavian furniture and stainless steel appliances. I turned my nose up. Until I saw the gate at the top of the stairs.

Turns out the couple that owns the house have two small children (the youngest just a couple months older than our son) and the house was completely baby-proofed. Score.

It never even occurred to us that renting a house from a family with children made the most sense. But in hindsight it's such a no-brainer. In daily life parents worry about outlet covers and locks on cabinets. But those are no less important when you are renting a house with young children (just because you are on vacation doesn't mean your kids won't want to find out what happens when they stick a finger in an electric socket or what bleach tastes like). Going beyond those basics, we were glad to see locks for the doors to the fireplaces plus a lack of breakable objects on low shelves. And not only were there gates on the stairs, but also a net edged with steel wire on an open banister to prevent falls by little climbers. Phew.

Another bonus? Less gear you have to drag with you. We knew there was a crib and a child carrier for hiking when we booked, but they also had a baby monitor already set up and an umbrella stroller available (which would have freed up a lot of room in the trunk). We packed our son's favorite books and some select toys. Not surprisingly he had way more fun with the books and toys that were already in the house. Many of his didn't see the light of day until we got back to Brooklyn.

Have you ever rented a house with your whole family? What tips do you have?

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