Travel trends

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Gamblers are on a roll. Spirit Airlines now flies nonstop between the gambling meccas of Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This new seasonal service lasts until Aug. 12. Sample last-minute fares are $178 round-trip.

Spirit is attempting to cash in on a growing trend in gambling vacations. High-rollers (and suckers) boosted revenues at casinos nationwide by roughly 7 percent last year, reaching a record $32 billion. Sources: TravelDailyNews; TravelMole.

(By the way, talking about Vegas gives me an excuse to link to a fun Budget Travel article that's on a loosely related topic: "Confessions of a Vegas Massage Therapist.")

More travel companies are offering healthier food. Radisson and Carlson properties will stop using shortening that contains trans fat at their roughly 600 hotel restaurants nationwide, according to this report by Travel Weekly. To learn about other hotels, resorts, and cruise companies that have banned trans fats, read this article.

New York City taxicabs are getting an upgrade...

By Oct. 1, most of the city's 13,000 yellow cabs will be equipped with flat-screen monitors that will show local information, the taxi's current location, and--of course--advertising. More importantly, the flat-screen devices will accept payment for your cab fare by credit card, too. Expect taxicab systems elsewhere to duplicate the move, if it proves successful. Source: The Taxi & Limousine Commission via Gothamist.

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