Travelers' Top 20 Rants And Raves About Hotels

comfy hotel bedcomfy hotel bed
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A nice hotel bed came in ninth place on the list of things people liked about hotels.

We recently asked our Budget Travel audience to tell us about their biggest hotel pet peeves, a question that sparked 39 comments on our blog post and 31 more on our Facebook page. Conversely, this got us wondering what your favorite things about staying in a hotel are—is it the fluffly towels, comfy beds, or friendly service? It turns out we aren't the only ones thinking about the best and worst parts of the hotel experience. The site TrustYourecently released a study revealing travelers' 20 biggest complaints and 20 compliments about hotels around the world. The lists rank customer complaints and compliments by the number of mentions they received in one million online comments and hotel reviews written on more than 200 websites or on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The results show that customer service is number one for travelers, taking up multiple spots on both lists—it ranked higher than clean rooms or affordable prices.

The top 20 things hotel guests like about hotels:
1. Friendly, professional, efficient service
2. Great, well-situated location
3. Good room
4. Great food
5. Great breakfast
6. Clean room and hotel
7. Large room
8. Good, affordable price
9. Good bed
10. Nice view
11. Good pool
12. Good bathroom
13. Easy, available parking
14. New room
15. Free internet
16. Good sauna and wellness facilities
17. Quiet room
18. New hotel
19. Free parking
20. Efficient reception

The top 20 things hotel guests complain about:
1. Unprofessional and incompetent service
2. Small room
3. Expensive or overpriced hotel
4. Tasteless, bad breakfast
5. Bad food
6. Dirty room
7. Unfriendly service
8. Bad bathroom
9. Bad service
10. Loud, noisy room
11. Tasteless food
12. Bad bed
13. Small bathroom
14. Hard to find or the hotel was in an isolated location
15. Internet not available or scarce service
16. Old room
17. Bad location
18. Dirty bathroom
19. Expensive or overpriced breakfast
20. Bad parking

Do you agree with the placement of the items on the list? What factors are most important to you when you stay in a hotel?

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