Travelocity launches a "Green Directory"

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Green travel is an idea that many find appealing, but a lot of us don't really know how to minimize the environmental damage of our travels. Last summer, BT discussed carbon offsets for flights. Now travelers have some options for making their hotel choices greener, too.

Travelocity has launched a Green Directory to help travelers find hotels that follow sustainable practices.

The company is a member of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria, a group working "to foster increased understanding of sustainable tourism practices and the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles," according to the GSTC website. The GSTC has criteria for deciding what is truly "sustainable" tourism.

There are about 250 hotels on the list, including some affordable chain options like Fairfield Inns, so being green need not be just for the well-off. If you're interested in making your travels a little greener, Travelocity might be able to help you out.


How "green" is your hotel?

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