Trip Coach: National parks vacations

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While it's the simple things that draw travelers to national parks, the logistics of planning such a trip can be complicated—and overwhelming.

For example, Yellowstone, the first national park, is 2.2 million acres in size. There's obviously way too much to see and do in the course of a week's vacation, let alone a short, "drive-by" visit. You can try to cram in as much as possible, which is what a lot of travelers do. But fluttering from one sight to the next at a national park may defeat the trip's purpose: to relax and peacefully breathe in the best Mother Nature has to offer.

With all of that in mind, feel free to send us all of your questions related to national parks. The subjects might include:

Cool programs for kids and nature enthusiasts of all ages

Tips for snagging the best campsite spots

Advice for avoiding crowds

Lesser-known parks that are well worth visiting

Offbeat lodging options

Great hikes, and great spots for safely viewing wildlife

Or you tell us: Any parks-related topics are fair game, so to speak. Send us your questions and we'll answer them in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.

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