TripIt launches a free iPhone app for travel planning

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We've been singing the praises of TripIt, a free online travel organizer, since it launched in September 2007. We love how the site makes it ridiculously easy to keep track of the millions of reservations (flight, car, hotel, restaurant, etc.) that go into even the smallest trips.

Now there's something else to love (well, if you own an iPhone, at least): the new TripIt iPhone application. Tons of users were asking for it, so TripIt not only designed the app, but made it free—a nice touch. Instead of having to go to the website, you can just download the app and access your full travel itinerary right away. TripIt will be making a big announcement about it tomorrow, but it's already live on iTunes, so there's no need to wait.


See our earlier blog post on TripIt: "A neat trip-planning tool."

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