TSA: Whole-body scanners to replace metal detectors

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More than 490 readers wrote in with comments when we blogged about the TSA's new scanning machines. (See: "Is the TSA violating your privacy with its new body scanning machines?") Up until now, the machines have only been used on passengers who set off the metal detectors and preferred a secondary scan instead of a physical pat-down by an officer.

In a change of plans, the TSA says it will now replace the walk-through metal detectors at airport checkpoints with whole-body imaging machines. Already at six airports nationwide, all passengers are passing through the high-tech machines. (The machines are available at 12 other airports for secondary screenings only.)

The TSA's plans aren't set in stone, but unless there's an uproar, the agency hopes to start installing the machines at airports around the country this autumn.

Are the images these scanning machines produce an invasion of privacy? See sample images and the reader comments in our earlier post.

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