Two Websites Reveal Where Power Outlets Are at Airports

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Many travelers struggle at airports to find conveniently-located power outlets to charge up their electronic devices. But a pair of crowd-sourcing websites can help you find those ever-elusive electrical outlets at terminal gates: Airport Plugs and Air Power Wiki.

Air Power Wiki has enabled thousands of travelers to share the locations of outlets at hundreds of airports worldwide on a website that resembles Wikipedia. Air Power Wiki was nvented by Jeff Sandquist more than five years ago, and it's now gathered enough information from users to be truly useful.

Exhibit A: At Kansas City Airport's Terminal A, Air Power Wiki reports that there are power outlets available "at the seating area between gates 14 & 15 (outside of secured area)." The site explains that the "outlets are located under the seats."

Unfortunately, because the Wiki can be edited by anyone, some spammers have inserted a few bits of spam. But the community polices this very well and you probably won't notice it.

Meanwhile, is a similar site that asks travelers to provide exact locations of electrical outlets that they find. The site is still new, so it only has information for the major airports in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Medford, Ore. But we hope this site also grows in popularity because it presents information in a way that's optimized for reading on the tiny screen of a mobile device, unlike Air Power Wiki, which requires much more scrolling.

If you don't have time to read these sites, here's a quick tip on finding power outlets: Think of places where cleaners would logically need to plug in their vacuum cleaners, such as underneath chairs and on pillars. That's probably where you'll find an outlet.


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