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Uh-oh...Your digital camera is overloaded...

By Budget Travel
updated February 21, 2017

Corey Bauer, a reader of this blog, recently posted a question:

Another option is a video ipod with a photo adapter. It will let you download the photos directly to your ipod.--Nansi.

Got a dilemma we need help with....our teenage daughter will be leaving soon to be an exchange student to Norway for a year. What's the best way to store so many photos she'll take? Should she take a laptop to download them on? Or quite a few memory sticks or what?!?!

Well, good news: We received a helpful tip from another blog reader, Jim Van Damme:

On a short trip, I've gone to a library and emailed them to my Gmail account. You could also use email or file sharing sites to get them from your daughter, and burn to CD/DVD. You could snail mail them, download the photos, and mail them back. She doesn't need a computer for that.

Meanwhile, a contributing editor of Jaunted.com, Paul Brady, offers this tip:

I'd agree that Flickr's the way to go if a laptop isn't an option. But no one should pay $50 for 256MB of flash memory! You can snag a 2GB card these days for less than $40--just search NewEgg or look for specials at your local big box. (I'm quite happy with

-178-100&CMP=OTC-Froogle">this card.)

Vanessa O'Donnell offers this tip:

Another option would be to use shutterfly. Photos can be uploaded in the same manner as Flickr but without the cost and prints can be ordered directly from the site. I've used shutterfly numerous times and frequently receive "coupons" from them for things such as 25 free 4x6 or 1 free 8x10

Meanwhile, Kyle offers this tip:

You can use an iPod to store your photos. You just have to change its settings so that you can use it as a hard drive. (Check your user's manual on how to do this.) Note: You'll need to connect both the camera and the iPod to the computer via their USB ports, then transfer photos from the camera to the iPod. Went to Asia last year and transferred the day's pictures onto my ancient non-video 20g iPod using the hotel's computer. Didn't even have to pay since I wasn't using the Internet! (Repeated the experience this year in a different part of Asia, really expands how many photos you can take.)

Earlier: My two cents' worth, here.

Thanks to all the readers who posted comments!

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