United changes its mind about free meals (Way to go, readers!)

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Angry travelers complained to United about its plans to remove free meals for coach class passengers on dozens of overseas flights. A couple hundred of you complained by posting comments on one of our blog posts, and we forwarded your comments to United's communications team. Other blogs also allowed travelers to vent about the policy change. And many members of United's rewards program, Mileage Plus, also contacted customer service and spoke up.

Here's what Graham Atkinson, the company’s “chief customer officer,” told passengers yesterday:

“We heard you and have decided not to move forward with the test of offering customers buy-on-board options in United Economy on certain trans-Atlantic flights. We will continue to offer complimentary hot meals on those flights.”

Good hustle, team!

UPDATE Sept. 4: The Cranky Flier is suspicious of why United made this change. Maybe they didn't listen to customer feedback at all. He thinks that Lufthansa, United's German code-share partner, didn't want to place their passengers on United without free meals. He quotes a spokesperson from Lufthansa who implies as much. Interesting!

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