United is putting premium perks for sale

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United Airlines has begun to sell packages of perks that used to be exclusive benefits of elite frequent flier status. The two new options, dubbed Premier Travel and Premier Travel Plus, allow passengers to buy upgrades to roomier economy seats, faster boarding, and free checked luggage.

By buying the Premier Travel packages, passengers can save as much as half, compared with purchasing the same benefits individually, says the airline. The Wall Street Journal points out that the packages are worth buying if you are going to be paying at least $40 in baggage fees anyway. "You might as well get the other perks."

Details at United's Premier Travel webpage.


Mark Ashley at Upgrade: Travel Better has rightly tweeted that United's latest offer is just the continuation of the airline's "Put Everything on Sale!" attitude. Last winter, United began offering a Premier Line of a la carte services, such as a one-time upgrade to roomier Economy Plus seats for fees starting at $9 each way. For details, shop around in the Travel Options by United online store.

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