slaps fees on its fares

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We're late on this story, but it's still breathtaking. Last week, The Cranky Flier noticed that the fares offered on are $5 higher than available elsewhere. While some sites, like Orbitz, slap on fees, at least those sites spell out what they're doing. As The Cranky Flier points out, it's especially shady that US Airways is burying the fee in the base fare it is showing on its website because passengers won't realize that they're paying a surcharge.

Our advice: If you plan to book on US Airways, consider using Priceline instead because it doesn't charge a fee for regular bookings (as opposed to its name-your-own-price bookings, which still have a fee).

Alternatively, if you prefer an online agency such as Orbitz or Expedia, try booking them through a cashback portal such as FatWallet or EvRewards. You'll "receive a rebate that in many cases is larger than the booking fee those sites charge," according to expert deal-hunter Gary Leff at A View From the Wing.

EARLIERCruise lines are adding fuel surcharges after you've paid for your sailing.

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