Use BiteHunter to save money on eating out

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It's only working for New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco currently, but new free site BiteHunter promises to cover the country soon, letting you search for online discounts for local restaurants in one place.

Hungry for Italian food? Visit BiteHunter, punch in your neighborhood or zip code, and the site will fetch a list of relevant restaurants and discounts. Narrow your search by delivery options, specific kinds of food (such as kosher or Italian) and other factors. You can also see which restaurants are drawing the most praise online, giving you another way to judge if a spot is hot or not.

Trawl through deals from restaurant Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, websites, and other sources, such as GroupOn and Living Social. When traveling to an unfamiliar destination, you'll be able to track down special offers without needing to search multiple sites.


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