Vegas finally gets the excellent, flashy blog it deserves

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From the producers of HotelChatter and Jaunted comes a glitzy glammy newsy blog dedicated to Sin City: VegasChatter.

This is a big deal because the city has sorely needed its own excellent blog for a long time. A while back, we attempted to find a sane, humorous, passionate, unbiased blogger who focuses on Las Vegas to offer him or her an assignment to write a story for Budget Travel. Sadly, we didn't turn up anything.

We can tell that VegasChatter is going to be trustworthy because it's overseen by editor Juliana Shallcross, who has had a relentless drive for hotel scoops at HotelChatter. She also insists on an easy-to-read, pop-savvy writing style. Her enthusiasm and knowledge spills over into her writing, yet she isn't "on the take" from any company and she doesn't have barely comprehensible digressions. (Neither does her team of writers.) Travel is hard—you can't know everything about everywhere. So maybe it's better to focus more specifically one one place, with an obsessive need to find out what's new and useful for the average traveler.

It's a gut call, ultimately, and who knows what the future holds. Yet our hunch is that this new blog is going to be great. Even though it's produced by a competitor company, we feel obliged to welcome VegasChatter to the blogosphere! See you at the Venetian blackjack table!

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