Video: Bad week for the cruise industry

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Is it safe to take a cruise? Sure it is, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise after the past week. A series of mishaps have hit cruise lines around the world. In the Mediterranean Sea, a 26-foot wave pummeled a cruise ship carrying nearly 2,000 people, killing two. A passenger shot some amazing video (included in the video clip, below) of what it was like to be inside.

Meanwhile, about 400 passengers recently became ill with a stomach bug aboard the Celebrity Mercury. The same ship departed again right away and reported on Friday that 50 passengers are now sick.

Find out if your ship has been affected by an outbreak by visiting the site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on their Vessel Sanitation Program page, which lists the latest major incidents and the inspection reports.

For a report on the key issues, check out this video:

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