Video: Make your own noise-canceling headphones for $20

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Why buy noise-canceling headphones that typically cost between $170 and $240 when you can quickly make your own for $20? Below is a one-minute video explaining how to take a pair of construction-site earmuffs and insert your MP3 player's earbuds inside.

Watch this YouTube clip below to see how Kip "Kipkay" Kedersh did it. First, he bought a pair of noise-blocking, Howard Leight earmuffs, which construction workers use to protect their ears in loud settings (and which are sold at the top-rated online store for $19 plus shipping, as well as other stores for a similar price). Then, after removing some of the foam padding, he slipped in padded earbuds (about $12, if you don't have an old pair lying about) and—presto!—he now owned a set of noise-canceling headphones. Bose, begone!

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