Video! Watch SNL Skewer Airplane Tech with 'Bionic' Flight Attendants

SNL Bionic Flight AttendantsSNL flight attendants

Robot flight attendants: They're more than meets the eye.

Replacing human flight attendants with a robot staff: What could possibly go wrong?

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live poked fun at travel technology — specifically ordering snacks and drinks via touchscreens and using automated voice menus — with a skit starring Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Bayer as Stepford wife–like "bionic" flight attendants on Virgin Atlantic.

Predictably, things go awry. If you're ever had a in-flight entertainment system fizzle out on you, you'll empathize. Watch below!

Side note: I must be getting too used to whatever paltry scraps some airlines dole out in coach, because getting a surprise 38 boxes of animal crackers actually sounds pretty good to me.

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