Want to Visit Cuba NOW? Here's How...

Capitolio havana city cubaCapitolio havana city cuba
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Americans are returning to Havana, thanks to affordable people-to-people tours.

Being the first of your friends to visit Cuba is like having the best lawn in the neighborhood: Bragging rights alone are a souvenir.

Going to Cuba isn't as simple as clicking "book" yet, but thanks to new regulations, U.S. travelers won't face as much red tape. Trips still need to fit into one of 12 acceptable categories, such as family visits, participation in religious or educational activities, performances, sporting events, or people-to-people tours, but you'll be spared the hassle of waiting for license approval on a case-by-case basis and allowed to bring home $100 worth of Cuban cigars in your $400 souvenir limit.

People-to-people tours (the easiest way to visit Cuba) can skew pricey, but trips from Friendly Planet and SmarTours hover around $3,000, including airfare from Miami, cultural activities, and visas (friendlyplanet.com, smartours.com).

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