What $100 Buys In... Tunis


Wandering through the Tunisian city's medina and souks is an immersion in French and Arab cultures.

$35 Glasses Tea is typically served in glasses painted with henna-tattoo motifs. Ed-Dar, 8 rue Sidi Ben Arous, 011-216/71-561-732.

$30 Lamp Artisans have crafted handblown glass in Tunis since 1000 b.c. Negrat has a large selection of glass sconces, lamps, and chandeliers. 13 rue Abdelhafidh El Mekki, 011-216/98-525-033.

$9 Bowl The olive snack bowls (with a space for pits) sold at El Feki Bilel are carved from native olive trees. 7 Beni Metir, 011-216/98-215-293.

$5 Soap Bars of soap shaped like jasmine blossoms are ubiquitous in Tunis. (Men will often tuck a flower behind one ear to show they're feeling romantic.) Sadika, Zone Touristique Gammarth, 011-216/71-913-011.

$11 Skewers The Berbers use wrought-iron skewers with animal-shaped handles to grill lamb and beef kabobs. Hanout Arab, 52 bis rue Jemaa Ez Zitouna, 011-216/71-200-584.

$13 Slippers Both adults and children wear gold-threaded babouches because they're easy to slip off when entering a mosque. Ali Baba, 22 Souk El Blaghdjia, 011-216/71-560-224.

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