What did you do this summer vacation?

Courtesy dragonsinger/Flickr

It's that time of year. Across America, kids are heading back to school. And you know what that means. Right about now, millions of students are being asked, "What did you do on your summer vacation?"

This question can be great if it gives you the opportunity to brag about a great trip to some far-flung destination, but less so when the farthest you traveled was a family reunion at your grandmother's condo the next town over.

So how did you fare in 2010? Was it a good summer?

If Labor Day weekend is any indication of how you traveled this season, many of you have reason to hold your heads high! As the economy continues to rebound, AAA released a report in late August estimating that numbers for the holiday weekend would be up across the board. According to the report, 34.4 million Americans traveled at least 50 miles from home, representing a 10% increase over the same weekend in 2009. Though over 90% of these travelers reached their destination by car, the airline industry was also predicted to see an increase of almost 5% over last summer.

This summer, I managed a quick trip to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, one of America's Coolest Small Towns, where I met the friendliest people, indulged in the tastiest Mexican ice cream at La Michoacana, and sampled crunchy mushroom chips at the Mushroom Cap. Granted, I didn't get too far away from home, but the relaxing small town experience was a welcome retreat.

So class, what did you do this summer vacation?

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