"What Exactly Is That Down There?"


Ever look out an airplane window and see an extraordinary landscape? Well, here's a guide to what you probably saw when you flew over our fair land.

Astonishing aerial images taken from commercial and NASA-operated aircraft form the heart of the new book, America from the Air: A Guide to Landscape Along Your Route. When seen from the air, Lake Powell, Boston Harbor, the Caprock Escarpment in Texas, and other sights may inspire you to hum "Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies."

In a clever move, the book provide maps of 15 popular flight corridors, making it easy for you to find aerial photographs that correspond to about 40 popular routes you are likely to fly. Authors Daniel Mathews and James S. Jackson have helpfully annotated each image with captions that identify important features of the landscape.

We've put together a slide show of 10 images from the book to give you a taste. Enjoy.
Liz Webber

Buy the book at Amazon.com, recently for $9.

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