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The Delta Air Lines safety video featuring "Deltalina," the flight attendant who looks like Angelina Jolie, plus a cast of other fun characters. The video will start playing in airplanes later this spring. (This Just In)

You'll find resources on giving your children "the travel bug" by reading this post at Vagablogging.net.

Discover Italy through a cook's eyes. The star of a cooking show on public television and the author of multiple cookbooks offers her tips on Italian travel and cuisine on the IgoUgo blog.

April fun in Nashville. This weekend is the start of a month-long festival of music- and food-events in Nashville. Get the details at Blissful Travel.

Travel with kids to Amsterdam. First-person advice, from the Family Travel blog. And Future Gringo is traveling with a 15-month old in Amsterdam, so expect some advice from him shortly.

TripIt.com is a trip-planning organization website that we've blogged about before. The site's blog has recently offered some tips for newbies.

Sportscar spacecraft: A two-seater spaceship smaller than a private jet that will fly one-passenger at a time for a 25-minute space flight sometime after 2010 for $100,000 a trip, says the New Scientist. The company, XCOR, is charging a fee that is relatively much cheaper than the fees for other commercial space travel options currently under development.

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