What worries you when you travel?

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Freaked out by vague but ominous government travel advisories, by scary scenes of swine flu, or by political protests in foreign capitals that you see broadcast on cable news? Do you worry about getting mugged or falling ill overseas? Or that your airline or tour company goes bankrupt? Or simply that bad weather hits and your flight could be canceled?

If these or any other concerns hit home, we want to hear from you. We're putting together a story that's all about travel emergencies—how to avoid them, but also how to be best prepared in case something unfortunate happens. Please send us your questions. But also, if you've ever experienced a travel emergency, tell us what happened, what you did—and what you wished you'd did differently in retrospect.

Travel insurance often helps travelers in the case of an emergency, but the policies can be confusing. So please, send us your questions about travel insurance, and we'll address them as best we can. If you've had a good or bad experience trying to file a claim through travel insurance, please share that as well. Together, we can sort all of these issues out and minimize the trauma of any travel emergency.

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