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Imagine if you could leave your cubicle behind and travel the world for a year. That's what Brook Silva-Braga did when he was 25. Along the way, he videotaped parts of his experience, and he subsequently produced a documentary of the trip. He gave Budget Travelthis first-person account of his round-the-world adventure. In a couple of weeks from now, he'll be offering DVDs of his documentary at his website, and the show is expected to air on national TV later this summer.

Meet the Pirates. In case you haven't heard, the folks who invented "Survivor" have cooked up a new reality TV series, called "Pirate Master." The show will send 16 modern-day pirates on a high seas adventure to scour the waters of the Eastern Caribbean for 33 days in search of hidden treasure worth a million bucks. The show will be set in, and around, the nation of Dominica, (pronounced Dom-in-eek-a), which is located near Martinique. The series debuts May 31 on CBS. Details here and here.

The Travel Channel has picked its next set of aspiring travel journalists for its 5 Takes reality series. In case you haven't seen past seasons of the series, here's the premise: Five young travelers are outfitted with laptops and video cameras and are sent to a destination with only about $50 a day to spend. These aspiring journalists then offer their perspectives for eight weeks. The new season, focusing on Buenos Aires and other stops in Latin America, premieres June 2, and features aspiring travel journalists like Vinnie Costa. Details here.

Hey, Amazing Race fans! Check out Jaunted's nifty online interactive map for tracking the latest edition of the Amazing Race. Jaunted's crack team has created this mash-up Google map. For an explanation of mashup Google maps, click here.

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