What's the best airport for making a romantic connection?

Courtesy theotherway/Flickr

Let's look at the glass half full. With the holiday travel season quickly sneaking up, you may be dreading long waits and delays at airports. But for the single, long airport waits are opportunities for romantic encounters.

If history is any guide, Chicago O'Hare will offer plenty of opportunities for singles to meet up and bond over shared trouble. Last winter, O'Hare led the nation's airports in flight delays, with one out of every two flights delayed on average. Midway came in second-place, with one out of every three flights delayed. (Way to go, Chicago!)

Romance is in the air when flights get grounded. Consider the results of a survey of 860 travelers last fall by StrategyOne.

"Nearly one in ten adults has personally gone out or knows someone who has gone out with someone they met at the airport or during a flight. The survey also showed people are taking advantage of their flight time: one-third of adults would rather sit next to someone they find attractive or interesting than have an entire row to themselves."

But you need to also judge an airport by its number of inviting menus for strangers to meet. Bars, lounges, inviting gate areas. What airport has the most romantic possibilities, here or abroad? And if you've had romantic success, please share your story…

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