What's the craziest thing you've traveled to see?

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A friend of mine recently posted a link headlined by an intriguing, puzzling claim: "Baby sloths make everything better." I did a double-take. Sloths?! Kittens and puppies, I get. But baby sloths? That didn't sound terribly appealing.

Still, I clicked her link nonetheless, and—oh! How wrong I was. What proceeded to play across my screen truly provided some of the most cute-infested minutes of my life thus far: A montage of adorable baby sloths—furry, sleepy-eyed, and smiling—showing them nap, hug stuffed animals, nap, eat vegetables, and nap some more.

I couldn't get enough. I proceeded to watch the video at least half a dozen more times (Shh! Don't tell my boss!), then emailed it along to at least that many friends. I wasn't the only one. The clip has gone certifiably viral, watched, at last count, by more than two million people around the world.

I investigated a bit more and discovered, to my absolute delight, that all of the video's footage is sourced from the same place: The world's first and only orphanage for baby sloths (!!!), Aviarios del Caribe, based in Costa Rica.

This, of course, means it's possible for one to simply book a ticket, travel to said orphanage, and, quite possibly, have the chance to see all this raging cuteness up close. I think you see where this is going… I simply have to go there!

And I know, given the video's immense popularity, that it's only a matter of time before Aviarios is crowded with other would-be sloth huggers. I need to get there first! And I'm rearranging my future travel plans to try to make that possible.I realize that this all might sound a little crazy, but, surely I'm not alone here, right?

Have you ever booked a trip or planned your whole vacation around a single, specific goal? If so, I'd love to hear about it. It'll make me feel a whole lot less silly for this recent sloth obsession of mine…


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