What's the silliest reason you've booked a hotel room?

Photo: David Nicolas for Hotel Le Bleu
A top contender for our finale viewing, in Brooklyn's Hotel Le Bleu.

In life, as in travel, there are trade-offs, and one of the semi-embarrassing trade-offs I am planning to make this weekend is paying for a room in a hotel for one night to watch the LOST series finale, rather than paying for cable year-round in order to get a dependable signal.

(Note to the U.S. government: digital converter boxes kind of suck. I missed a full minute of last night's penultimate episode when my cat jumped into the windowsill, scrambling our signal.) And yes, I will be calling to confirm the size of the TV in my room before booking!

I realize that this is fairly ridiculous, but I'm hoping someone out there has had an equally frivolous reason to book a hotel room when you weren't on vacation, and I want to hear about it! Anyone?


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