What's the strangest souvenir you've bought?

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We bet it's not as weird as a journal made of cow manure…

I'll admit: I was pretty pleased with myself last year when I brought back a bottle of borovnica (blueberry brandy) from my trip to Slovenia. The alcohol is a trademark of the country and sold in souvenir shops and corner stores alike, all over Slovenia.

But what made this purchase unique is that the bottle had been artfully crafted to match the geography of the country itself. Genius! What better way to remember a country than to sample some of its signature liqueur—out of a bottle in the shape of said country? Surely, I thought, hardly anyone else in the world had such a unique souvenir! I patted myself on the back and proudly presented it to my parents as a gift last Christmas.

But when I came across this online article—about a Vermont novelty shop selling journals made out of cow manure—I knew I had been beat.

Cow poop journals, hands down, wins as the most unusual souvenir I've ever heard of.

And never fear: They're still for sale! Yes, folks—for the bargain price of just $6—one of these cow bile mementos can be yours! It's almost enough to entice me to make a special trip to Vermont, just to purchase one! Or not…

This got me thinking about what other crazy souvenirs folks have brought back from the far reaches of the world. A quick Google search gave me a glimpse into some of the possibilities. One British travel site offered suggestions for how to track down five of the strangest souvenirs from around the world, including wallets made out of the entire bodies of giant frogs, from the Philippines; a bottle of rice wine, with a dead poisonous snake coiled up in the bottom, from Vietnam; and panda poo from Sichuan, China.

But if I know our Budget Travel readers as well as I think I do, I suspect you can one-up all these silly purchases, so here's your chance. Tell us about the craziest souvenir you've ever purchased. We'd love to hear about it!

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