What's your dream trip?

Ryan Heffernan
From our 2008 story, "Dream Trips: Scale a Volcano in Ecuador"

Going on safari. Spending a week on a private island. Climbing Kilimanjaro, driving cross-country, floating the Grand Canyon… We call them Dream Trips, and every year we publish a special issue dedicated to making them real. As we get ready for the next installment, we'd like to know: What's your dream trip?

I'll start: My dream trip is a sea-kayaking excursion in the Galápagos, and I'm hoping to do it in the next year.

So share your dreams with us! You may just find the perfect Budget Travel itinerary in an upcoming issue…

Also: How long would a trip need to qualify as a dream trip? How would you be willing to sacrifice in order to make your dream trip happen next year?

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