What's your favorite book to read on a trip?

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The famous travel writer Pico Iyer says he "always" brings the Graham Greene novel The Quiet American in his carry-on bag. He says it's his "private bible." This tidbit was reported on World Hum, which recently reported that the late, famous travel writer Ryszard Kapuscinski "often" brought his copy of Herodotus' The Histories with him on his travels, whether in China, Poland, Iran, or the Congo. (Apparently, if you want to play the part of Famous Travel Writer, you should always pack an Important Sounding Book.)

We all know travelers who have a favorite book (or audiobook or podcast series) that they often—or always—pack in their bags. Does this describe you, too? Then tell us about your favorite book. Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or religious/spiritual, your favorite book could capture the imaginations of other travelers.

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