What's your worst "lost luggage" story?

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Baggage tracing information

You de-board the plane, rush to baggage claim so your long-awaited trip can finally begin, you scour for your luggage, and it's... not there. Bummer. Unfortunately, lost luggage is a hazard of checking a bag, but it doesn't make the experience any less frustrating or annoying (or even heart-breaking, if you had a personal effect in there). Sometimes I can understand if you have multiple layovers baggage can get lost, but I've had my bag misplaced twice on direct flights. Seriously, airlines? Direct flights? One of the bags I lost had all of my shoes, so I had to meet, mingle, and explore London for two weeks with my new study-abroad housemates in my cruddy sneakers I wore on the plane.

Lost luggage can seriously impair your trip and can induce hair-pulling frustration and make you never want to fly again, or at least never check a bag again.

We want to know: what's your worst (or most absurd) lost luggage story? Where were you going and where did your bag end up? How long did it take for you to get it back (if you ever did)?


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