When Bad Things Happen to Nice Cars

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The most surprising thing about Michael Mann's new movie Miami Vice--which opened Friday nationwide--is the complete absence of pastel T-shirts and white loafers. Though I can't be sure, I'd bet the 21st-century Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Rico Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) even wear socks in this remake of the classic '80s cop show. They've still got the fast cars, fast boats, and fast women, but fans of the TV show won't recognize the characters: They're definitely duller versions of their former small-screen selves. The plot, however, will be familiar: The duo go undercover as drug runners to bring down a cartel, and Sonny falls in love with someone he'd have been better off avoiding. But one thing hasn't changed about watching Sonny and Rico: they still make you want to get on a plane headed for Miami. Here are three ways to have your own Vice-filled weekend in South Beach.

Put the top down
Somehow, on municipal salaries, Sonny and Rico roll in a Ferrari Spider convertible. Unless you want to spend upwards of $1,800 a day from a company like Prestige Luxury Rentals (888/513-9711, prestigeluxuryrentals.com), upgrade your regular rental to a soft-top.

Get out on the water
Sonny confesses to Isabella that he's "a fiend for mojitos," and then whisks her off to Havana in his cigarette boat. Any bar in Miami will mix you a mean mojito, but to cruise Biscayne Bay, contact Water Fantaseas. A go-fast captained charter will run you $3,500 for four hours. But you can rent a small sport yacht for as little as $1,550 (305/531-1480, waterfantaseas.com).

Shake your moneymaker
Before taking off after the drug-runners, Sonny and Tubbs organize a prostitution bust in a South Beach nightclub. Those scenes were filmed at 40,000-square-foot Mansion, a playground for everyone from Diddy to the Hilton sisters (1235 Washington Ave., 305/531-5535, mansionmiami.com, cover $20 and up).

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