When good deals disappear: The old bait and switch?

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While booking online, have you ever clicked on a rate only to find that it was no longer available and replaced by a higher one? When that recently happened to David Rowell at The Travel Insider, he tried again. His report on what happened is below. In the meantime, please share any instances of this happening to you!

David's report:

"I experienced something like that myself when booking a London hotel last week. I used Lastminute.com, a sister company to Travelocity, and found a hotel I liked with a total cost for my stay of £300. After researching the hotel, I decided to book it and clicked on the 'book' button, only to get an excuse from Lastminute.com telling me that between when I'd first requested the rate and when I went to book the hotel, there'd been an increase in rate, and the £300 rate was no longer available. The lowest rate was now £357.

I winced and wished I'd been quicker to book the hotel. But then, I thought suspiciously to myself - is this really true? So I re-requested the hotel availability and rate, and guess what? The rate now showed as £300 again. I instantly booked it, but there was the apology and the £357 rate once more. Even at £357 it was an okay deal, so I shrugged and proceeded to book it. And then, out of curiosity, did another availability request, and there it was again - back at £300."

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