Where in the world is JetBlue's founder?

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David Neeleman is busy launching a new discount airline—in Brazil.

When we last blogged about Neeleman, he had been forced out of his primary responsibilities at JetBlue when hundreds of flights were canceled and passengers were treated very poorly.

Now he's aiming to copy the JetBlue model in Brazil, offering point-to-point service out of Sao Paulo. The unnamed airline has received $150 million in financing. It aims to take to the skies next year, pending approval, according to Reuters . WSJ.com has the following fun factoid:

Mr. Neeleman, who was born in Brazil and has both American and Brazilian citizenship, bought a small Brazilian airline called Cheta as a base for the new operation. Dual nationality means restrictions on foreign ownership of airlines don't apply to him.

For more on Neeleman, see this post on The Cranky Flier.

EARLIERNeeleman knocked out of his role at JetBlue, the airline he founded.

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