Where should the royal newlyweds visit in California?

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From July 8 to 10, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—better known to Americans as Prince William and Kate—will visit California.

No one knows where they will visit. Some members of the media speculate that they'll hang out in Los Angeles with their friends David and Victoria Beckham.

But what else should the future king and queen of England do and see in the Golden State? It will be the first time the Duchess, 29, has visited the US, though William, 28, has visited before. What are the must-stop places the royal newlyweds?

Santa Cruz, with its Redwood forests and sandy beaches?

Yosemite, with its giant sequoia trees and the thunderous waterfalls near El Capitan cliff?

San Francisco, which Budget Travel readers recently named as the prettiest city in the world—even prettier than Paris.

What else? When Queen Elizabeth II visited the state in 1983, she stopped in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco, reports the Associated Press. But she was on a longer trip than the newlyweds' three-day vacation.

Where in California should the future king and queen of England visit? Post a comment!


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