Which routes will come to your airport?

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A new website, TaxiwayEcho.com, is forecasting new nonstop domestic routes that have "high likelihoods of being established." The site says that in tests it has successfully predicted new routes by major airlines about three out of four times. But its guesses about small, regional carrier routes have been worse than flipping a coin.

Here are some of its predictions for nonstop routes:

For Boston: Omaha, Sacramento, San Antonio, and Tucson.

For Chicago's Midway: Jacksonville, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Richmond, and Rochester.

For Columbus: Buffalo, Houston, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, and Providence.

For Dallas: Akron, Buffalo, Sarasota, Tallahassee, and White Plains.

For Denver: Albany, Buffalo, Long Beach, and Richmond.

For Detroit: Chattanooga, Huntington, Lynchburg, Sarasota, and Wichita.

For Fort Myers: Las Vegas, Nashville, Phoenix, Raleigh/Durham, and Washington (Dulles).

For Houston (Intercontinental): Madison, Moline, and Springfield.

For Indianapolis: Austin, Houston, Portland (Ore.), Salt Lake City, and San Diego.

For Las Vegas: Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Richmond, and Sarasota.

For Minneapolis/St. Paul: Akron, Birmingham, Pensacola, Sarasota, and Syracuse.

For Louisville: Fort Lauderdale, Houston (Lobby), Los Angeles, and Washington (Dulles).

For New Orleans: Columbus, Milwaukee, Norfolk, and Oakland.

For Omaha: Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Tampa.

For Philadelphia: Albuquerque, Grand Rapids, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City.

For Reno: Baltimore/Washington, Minneapolis, Orlando, and San Antonio.

For Salt Lake City: Houston, Indianapolis, and Wichita.

For Saint Louis: Buffalo, Oakland, Providence, and White Plains.

For other cities, visit TaxiwayEcho.

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