Which States Have The Most Passport Holders?

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Does your passport look like this, or do you still have some more traveling to do?

Are you part of the more than one-third of Americans that have a passport? According to an article by Forbes, almost 110 million people now hold a U.S. passport. That's a huge jump from 48 million Americans that had one in 2000, and the just 7 million Americans with passports back in 1989. People are traveling more than ever—how else do you expect to get those passport stamps worth bragging about?

Travel blogger C.G.P. Grey recently published an infographic breaking down U.S. passport ownership state-by-state based on figures from passport statistics on the Data.gov website. Grey found that the states with the highest number of passport holders (more than 60 percent of residents) included Alaska, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. What about the states with the lowest number of U.S. passport holders? About 20 percent of residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, and West Virginia have one, while less than 20 percent of Mississippians are passport holders.  

Still don't have a passport? Apply through the U.S. Department of State. As of right now, fees are $135 for an adult passport book or $110 to renew your current passport. A U.S. Passport Card is also available (and necessary if you don't have a regular passport) for Americans planning to visit Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda by land or sea—these cannot be used for international travel by air—and fees are $55 for adults or $30 to renew.

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