Why Flight+ Is Apple's App of the Week

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The app Flight+ launched only a couple of weeks ago, but it's already a bestselling app in the iTunes App Store. The reason is simple: This week, Apple named Flight+ its App of the Week, singling it out as exceptional among the 725,000 apps in the store.

Flight+ deserves its popularity. It can do complex things in a very streamlined way. That matters most when you need help handling a snafu with your itinerary, such as a delayed or canceled flight.

Say your flight is delayed. Flight+ earns its $3 price tag because it lets you track any flight in the sky on a map in real time—at least as close to real time as is allowed for security reasons. You no longer have to take the word of the gate agent that a plane is en route.

If a delay means you might not make your onward connection, use the app to quickly look up a basic terminal map at your destination airport. The map can help you figure out how to get from Point A to Point B more quickly and catch a tight connection.

Alternatively, say the airline cancels your flight. Use Flight+ to look at the flight board at your airport, or a near by airport, to see your flight options. Check the weather at alternative airports to plan a route around a regional storm.

If you already use TripIt to manage the details of your itineraries, you can sync your TripIt account up with Flight+ easily. The app will start tracking your upcoming flights based on the itineraries you submitted to TripIt. If you choose, you can receive status alerts on your device's home screen if it looks like you will face a nasty surprises with your trip.

One drawback, the Flight+ app version for iPhone/iPod doesn't work on the iPad, and vice versa.

SEE A VIDEO OF HOW FLIGHT+ WORKS (Note: The video has no sound.):


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