Why I love New York

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I met a friend for a drink last night and we ended up at a place in Soho called Tailor. We stumbled upon it (and out of it, if you must know), drawn in by the lack of a sign and the not-very-transparent glass facade--it just looked like someplace we'd like. We got that neat NYC sense of discovery, of there being something new and cool around every corner. (Of course, we also got a bit of NYC pretentiousness. The maitre d' actually boasted, "We've had all the famous chefs come by." The restaurant's chef is Sam Mason, a darling of the food media.) In any event, the drinks were awesome. I had a Blood & Sand; if I remember correctly, the cocktail was a mix of scotch, vermouth, a cherry beer, and a head of orange foam. I'm going on and on about this for a reason: Our 10th anniversary issue will be devoted to our readers, and as part of that, we're asking readers to submit the reasons they love NYC. And we're looking for really specific, surprising stuff, not just the lights in Times Square and Central Park in the autumn. Come on folks, give us what you got!

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Update (9/28): Those of you who aren't familiar with Sam Mason, who has a rep as one of the sexier chefs around, might want to check out his Internet TV show, Dinner with the Band. Mason cooks for bands and interviews them (about life on the road, what they like to eat, etc.) and then the band performs.

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